Storm Water Management

 MEAI has the technical expertise to provide Storm Water Management (SWM) Services across industries. Our clients appreciate out high quality standards and one-on-one project management approach for meeting general permit requirements, governing regulations, and regulatory trends. To implement successful SWM programs we prepare site specific SWM studies and develop a site design and SWPPP that may be integrated as efficiently as possible while achieving approval in a timely fashion.A Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) must be developed for construction sites with land disturbances of one or more acres. The purpose of the SWPPP is to maximize the potential benefits of pollution prevention and sediment and erosion control measures.To avoid delays during the actual work, we coordinate with clients to incorporate construction schedules into the SWPPP with the practical aspect of construction in mind as well as maintaining our focus on compliance.MEAI's SWM Services include:

Site development/planning

Storm water drainage design and retrofits

ADEQ permit compliance

SWPPP preparation / Management

Construction Administration / Inspection

Regulatory Liaison

Airway Avenue / Mohave Channel Box Culvert (Kingman, AZ)

Black Mtn. Generating Station (Mohave County, AZ)

Coronado Channel (Kingman, AZ)

East Golden Gate Improvement District (Kingman, AZ)

Stockton Hill Road Drainage, Phase I (Kingman, AZ.)

Stockton Hill Road Professional Plaza (Kingman, AZ)

Stockton Hill Road/ Gordon Drive Drainage Phase II (Kingman, AZ)

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