Wastewater Management

 MEAI has worked with many clients to achieve their wastewater treatment performance and compliance goals in a cost-effective manner. Our personnel have experience in all aspects of wastewater management from facility planning through design, construction, and operation.MEAI specializes in the following areas of wastewater:

Construction Services and Operational Assistance

Contract Bid Assistance and Analysis

Construction Management and Inspection Services

Facility Planning

Land Use, Feasibility, and economic studies

Site Selection

Environmental Assessments

Wastewater Treatment

Facility Permitting

Wastewater Collection Systems

Pumping Stations

Wastewater Discharge Facilities

East Bench Sewer (Kingman, AZ)

Fountain Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant (Kingman, AZ)

Kingman Unified School District (Kingman, AZ)

Shipp Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant (Golden Valley, AZ)

Sunrise Vistas Wastewater Treatment Plant (Fort Mohave, AZ)

Walleck Ranch Lift Station (Kingman, AZ)

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